Thursday, May 16, 2013

Let's teleport

I can't think of a superpower that would be better than being able to teleport. So many people would rather be able to fly or go invisible but none of that compares to teleportation.

Think of how trouble-free it would be to get places. I'd be at work instantly. I could visit friends and family in no time. I could magically appear for dinner. I hate traveling more than anything when I go outside. It takes up a huge chunk of time.

Having the ability to teleport means I could go anywhere in the world that I wanted to. It wouldn't cost and dime and it would take seconds to get across the world. I can't think of a single thing that would be more amazing than that. If I chose to live in another country I would still be able to visit my friends quickly. Or I'd be able to still have my job even if I lived in England. Long distance relationships would cease to exist.

Now I really am getting sad that teleportation isn't even a thing. It would make my life a lot better. I bet people always thought that we'd have teleportation or something by now. We don't even have anything like flying cars yet. it doesn't look like the future is unfolding the way we had expected it to.

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